Life Insurance is freedom for your loved ones

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Some people consider the subject of life insurance to be morbid and are uncomfortable when the subject is brought up in conversation. To some, life insurance should be called death insurance. Let’s face it, the only time the policy pays is in the event of death, an event that most would like to avoid regardless of how unavoidable it is.

But let’s look at life insurance in a more positive light, the true intent of life insurance...

Life insurance, by design, is intended for those who, in the event of their demise, would leave their loved ones financially burdened without it and at a time when they are mourning a loss. Life insurance has many different uses. It can replace income; pay off debt that would burden those left responsible; pay for final expenses; pay for college education; pay off a mortgage; allow for adjustment period after death; the list goes on. Life insurance is also useful in business planning.

Basically, there are two types of life insurance, term life and whole life.

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Term life insurance is essentially how it’s named. It is for a pre-determined period of time or term, usually written for periods of 5 to 30 years and the premium you pay is level for that period of time. After the term is over, the coverage ceases.

Whole life on the other hand is written to cover you your whole life and has several different variations that can earn value above the face value of the policy. Term life insurance is considerably less expensive than whole life insurance. Consulting with a licensed life insurance agent will help you determine which plan is right for you. Careful planning and working with an agent can help you design a life insurance program that protects you and your loved ones. We proudly serve the Sacramento, Roseville, Orangevale and Folsom areas.

Lets’ face it, you insure your home, your car, why not the most important asset….your life.

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