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While workers compensation coverage is statutory in limits, the service you may receive is not. We shop various insurance companies to find the best rates for your business. Should any of your employees become injured while performing work on your behalf, we will provide swift claims reporting, follow up with you and the insurance carrier and work to get your injured employee back to a productive employee.

Almost all employees in the State of California are covered by workers compensation insurance. Any business, who hires employees, by statue, must carry a workers compensation policy.

Severe penalties are imposed on those companies and employers who fail to carry proper coverage.

Workers compensation insurance covers employees who are either injured or their injury results in death while working.

Workers compensation is considered “no fault” which means that the employee is covered regardless of the lack of safety or precautions that either the employee or the employer failed to follow.

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Workers compensation covers loss of wages, medical costs associated with the injury such as physician services, hospitalization, physical restoration, dental care, prescriptions, X-rays, laboratory services, and all other necessary/reasonable care ordered by the treating doctor(s) and the reasonable cost of transportation incurred while obtaining medical care and rehabilitation.

Workers compensation also covers permanent disability; paid if an injury or illness results in a permanent impairment that reduces the injured workers ability to compete in the open labor market. Permanent disability benefit amounts are set by law. PD benefits are paid every two weeks until the benefit is completely paid or when the employee settles the case and receives a lump sum. In the event an employee must be re-trained in another field because the injury has caused the employee to be unable to perform their normal work, vocational rehabilitation is also available. We proudly serve the Sacramento, Roseville, Orangevale and Folsom areas.

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